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September 15 2019

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Oferta de empleo: DevOps Developer:

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DevOps Mission

Jam3 is a design and experience agency that partners with modern, global brands. At Jam3 we relentlessly generate smart, creative, forwardthinking solutions in the space between people and technology. As our new DevOps Developer, you will design, develop, integrate and maintain our DevOps infrastructure.

Youll be part of an international team, comprised of some of the most talented makers, producers, and creative minds in the industry. These are people who aspire to architect the future of experience imagining, creating and executing meaningful connections with people in forwardthinking ways. We are looking for someone who embodies our values of community, curiosity, passion, positivity and teamwork witha track record of delivery.

You are responsible for collaborating with frontend and backend developers, system operators, other DevOps and IT staff members and manage anything DevOps related, from Git repositories, CDCI and cloud servers to monitoring. The work youll be doing will require your expertise on DevOps to use proper languages, frameworks and modern approaches. In order to be successful in this role, you need to fully understand the Web Development life cycle and execute exceptional deliverables for our clients worldwide including but not limited to Facebook, Google, Spotify, Ford, Coke, Fox, Disney. We look forward to meeting with you to discuss this amazing career opportunity.

The Real Opportunity

Design and build flexible infrastructure using modern and scalable solutions while maintaining industry best practices.
Automate deployments, orchestrations and configuration management.
Translate technical requirements into modular and reusable approaches..
Build and secure our automated, multicloud and multitenant environments.
Build HighPerformance and fault tolerance infrastructures for modern applications.
Create security and data protection maintenance plans.
Improve existing infrastructures and procedures for our application development and deployment.
Collaborate with development and QA team to find seamless pipelines for all the operations.
Good interpersonal and communication skills. Communicate technical approaches with team members and clients in a clear and concise manner.
Provide direct server support during various operations such as deployment, soft or hard launch and general production. Flexible availability to provide coverage for critical service maintenance tasks.
Provide and execute strategic requirements and procedures for routine application maintenance.
Stay uptodate, educate team members and introduce to the company about the bleeding edge technologies, continuously improving our agile development procedures and operations in general.

Be Prepared to discuss things like

Linux infrastructure, Web Servers ApacheNginx, Databases
Orchestration, configuration management and software containers
Continuous Integration and Deployment patterns and tools
Load Balancers, Auto scalability, Cloud functions
Security, VPC, Firewalls, AppSecPipeline, Users Keys management, Penetration testing
Understanding of FrontendBackend technologies and headless approaches
Knowledge of one major cloud service provider ex. AWS
Agile workflow methodologies. Uptodate on the latest industry trends.
Realtime automated metrics and reporting.
Backup and maintenance strategies.
High availability, fault tolerance and failoverrecovery strategies.
Loading performance, stress testing, performance CICD pipelines.

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   . Jam3

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   . Uruguay


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