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October 18 2019

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The Rosen School of Hebrew, partnering with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, offers its students the ability to learn Hebrew online.
Our goal is to provide our students a sufficient, yet eloquent base to ultimately speak and write modern Hebrew like Israelis really do today.
Our faculty is built of qualified teachers for Modern Hebrew, who inspire learning a new language with the aim to share this wealth of knowledge with people around the world through online programs. We have a wide range of courses to meet the needs of every type of learners. Our program builds on a gradual process, in which each student can learn in their own pace, through a dynamic range of topics and via multiple tools, designed to suite each and every persons particular needs, making them feel confident with both writing and speaking modern Hebrew.
We believe that language learning should be exciting. Thus we offer a variety of uptodate cultural texts, multiple teaching tools and flexible curriculum, to suite the individual needs and interests of every student.Though our online learning environment, students can enjoy a virtual classroom and interact live with the teacher and others students, whatever they are in the world.
Come and be a part of our team
Experience teaching Hebrew, Ulpan in Israel.
BA in Hebrew linguistics or Hebrew literature or any other related subject.
Teaching certification an advantage.
High proficiency of Spanish.
Close connection with the Israeli culture.
Computer orientation.

A great candidate will be a dynamic, interactive and patient teacher.
Passionate about the Hebrew language and Israeli culture, willing to teach and learn.

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